The founder of Kashani Industrial Complex, Mr. Mohammad Asar Kashani, was born in 1322 in a family of craftsmen in the beautiful city of Kashan. His father was a factory owner and one of the pioneers of modern industry and agriculture in his time.

Due to his family background and personal interests, he began to gain experience and work in the field of industry from his childhood and adolescence. After graduating from technical college and training with American electrical engineers, he started working in the largest power plant in the Middle East (Farah Abad Power Plant located in Tehran Treasury) as a control room supervisor. Since working in the power plant alone did not answer his great passion for entrepreneurship and service in the industry sector, he started his activity in the industrial market from the year 1348 at the same time as working in the power plant.

Kashani diesel generator store, an importer, manufacturer and producer of diesel generators, was established in 1360 in the field of import, sales and after-sales service and repair of diesel generators, diesel engines, electric motors, diesel generator couplings, industrial, agricultural and household pumps. , diesel generators including second hand diesel generators, emergency power generators and other agricultural industrial tools. And now it has become one of the largest importers of diesel generators in Iran. This company is also a producer and manufacturer of diesel generators (diesel generator couplers).